Missionary book

Presentation of missionary book for 2015

Dear sisters, brothers and friends. I want to present to you the missionary book in 2015 entitled
"Health and good life. Secrets that will change your life. "






Pastor Mark Finley and

Dr. Peter Landles cardiologist.

П-р Марк  Финли

Д-р Питър Ландлес


The team of creators of this is fascinating reading and Dr. Benjamin Carson -

famous neurosurgeon,

and several doctors

nurse, sociologist, theologian and researchers.

This book talks about the value of human life by offering a research trip, able to change our quality of life.

Filled with principles and practical advice that favorably influence the physical health of people.

Health is a dream as the poor and the rich.

"When I was a trainee doctor at the hospital" John Hopkins "- report

Dr. Ben Carson,

I was very impressed by what I saw patients in the wards.



... There were many statesmen, aristocrats and heads of many large organizations.

Many of them died from terrible diseases and would gladly exchanged every title and every penny for ... PURE health records.

It really makes you reconsider the truly important things in life. "

In addition to physical health, the book guides us and the spiritual.

In this world there are many emotionally wounded people - children and adults who have experienced violence or immersed in it every day.

The book helps us to make sense of its protective mechanisms in a similar situation


He teaches us to trust in the Lord of the forgiving spirit, of the will to restore to the state in which we will have some quality, pleasant life years.



The book can be a gift and a healthy, active people, because everyone has something to learn from it.

It was written very intelligent, balanced, without going to extremes.

Especially suitable for patients with health problem it is because served slightly impressive facts and relevant examples served adequately respect for solution.

I close with a quote from the book:


"When behind the closed doors of your home ... your life is broken you can find new hope in God.

He is able to sort all over again ... and give you this ... what most miss you.

His love medicine. In Him we have a new life.

Therefore, we expect the future with joy and hope. "


nurse Marina Petkova - Varna